Hi guys so today I talked to some of my friends and we decided to make a hash tag . The hash tag is #eleanoryouareloved . This hashtag is dedicated to Eleanor b/c as you can see, she’s getting more and more hate everyday . Some people are worried about her . This tag isn’t about getting noticed from Eleanor . It’s telling Eleanor that she is loved , just like everyone else . So for this project , we want this to spread . All you need to do is repost this, and tag it to #eleanoryouareloved ! That’s not all . You can also tweet or comment on her instagram with the hashtag . All we need to do is to show Eleanor that she is loved and not alone . Yeah people get hated a lot and worse than her case, but if we can get her to know then we can get millions of others to know too . Just one step at a time . Whether you’re a Niam, Nouis, Narry, Larry, Lilo, Zarry, Heronica, Elounor, and etc. YOU ARE STILL AMAZING AND IDK WHY IM TYPING IN CAPS LOCK
okay anyway I really hope this spreads bc I just want to know that not just Eleanor is loved but you are too .
thank you for reading 🌚

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    El I love you so much!!! Your gorgeous and so sweet!!! Tumblr loves you!!
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